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Welcome to Azolla Health! Below is a brief overview of our product range...

  • Bodytool® is a simple to use and remarkably effective, therapy tool. Originally designed for therapeutic use and developed for performing deep tissue therapy on muscles and Myofascia which is the glue that binds them together.
  • ScarsAway® is a specialist dermal scar remediation tool for treating damaged skin.
  • Mustang Magnetic Massager® and the CHILLAX are a powerful and easy way, to rub away annoying pain from all over the body.
  • Tennis Ball Technique is a simple way to get, or keep, your body On the Ball.
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TBT for Quadriceps
TBT for the Quads. Tight quads pulling your hips out of alignment? Then this TBT Tennis ball ..
TBT for Rhomboids
How to get your Rhomboids on the ball! Why is it when you really need a massage, you can neve..
TBT for Shin Splints
Running into pain. TBT for Shin Splints. If you've ever experienced a stabbing pain shooting ..
TBT for Traps
Feeling trapped. TBT for releasing tight Traps. This tennis ball therapy exercise won’t work ..
TBT Tennis Balls
TBT© (Tennis Ball Technique) - is a simple and effective way to self-massage the whole body, and..
Hamster® is designed to passively and safely lengthen your Hamstrings when you are sitting for exten..
When you’re in pain with an aching back, sore arms, hunched shoulders with painful legs or hip..
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