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When you’re in pain with an aching back, sore arms, hunched shoulders with painful legs or hips. It can be hard finding some- thing that helps, something that works. And if you do ... [more below]
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When you’re in pain with an aching back, sore arms, hunched shoulders with painful legs or hips. It can be hard finding some- thing that helps, something that works.

And if you do, it can still take you weeks or even months to resolve it and come right...

THIXSTIXTM are different, because used correctly, they can quickly help you to find and resolve tension based pain problems.

We know this because our therapists and patients have relied on them to help for over a decade and today THIXSTIXTM with POWERBANDTM form a major part of our treatment plans for almost all the overuse / repetitive strain and deep tissue disfunction problems we treat.

As a therapist, or novice, just a few minutes working with THIXSTIXTM will teach you how to quickly and accurately assess, and then improve, a wide range of tension based and seemingly intractable myofascial pain conditions. A few minutes will show you why we believe....

If you’re struggling with pain from an overuse injury. We believe, THIXSTIXTM Can fix it!

The powerful THIXSTIXTM comes fitted with our proprietary, trademarked, anti-slip tensioning bands, the THIXSTIXTM POWERBANDTM.

For the past decade we have used THIXSTIXTM in thousands of successful treatments at our clinics. When used correctly, this amazing in-house design has proven a winner for patient and therapists alike particularly in resolving very challenging cases.

THIXSTIXTM POWERBANDTM dramatically reduces the flex and energy losses of conventional thixotropy tools. Significantly improving accuracy during both the assessment and treatment phases.

Shaking all over.

Manual vibration or Tapotement is a physically demanding method of therapy, because if it’s not done correctly, it can cause injury to the patient or injure the practitioner’s hands and fingers.

Many of the most effective tapotement techniques are Asian techniques, like Pai Sha, Qi Gong, Da Bang, Tui Na, and also include methods like Ukrainian Banya or sauna sticks. All use rhythmic systematic striking of the body and limbs to generate what modern medicine calls Extracorporeal shock waves to take advantage of the soft tissue property Thixotropy.

Thixotropic shock waves are used to improve tissue health, release tension, promote healing, and reduce pain in your tough skinned myofascia. Today many medical practitioners use expensive massage guns, vibrating plates even vibrating beds costing thousands of dollars to do this. We use THIXSTIXTM.

With THIXSTIXTM you can learn how to treat yourself without spending thousands of dollars and days, weeks, even months using specialist machines.

The concept is not new, Martial artists have used ballistic shaking jumping and striking methods for centuries to increase mobility for fighting, and speed recovery from injury. Warrior tribes like the Zulu of Africa, the ancient Polynesian Saka, or the modern Māori Haka all use especially strong 'percussive rhythms' to shake up their fascial tissues to improve athletic performance before battle or competition.

And qualified therapists will tell you that you can't effectively treat an injury without loosening up and treating the fascia surrounding the injury. With THIXSTIXTM you can learn to do that yourself.


Shock waves travel throughout your body all the time.

Even while you sleep, your heart beats out a rhythm that sends small tremors through you. Now many of these vibrations are really good for you, releasing endorphins like the ones that come from dancing to great music.

But some aren’t good for you, they are jarring and painful. For example running on hard footpaths can send nasty compressive shockwaves from the soles of your feet, all the way up to your skull.

Shockwaves like this can have many negative side effects and contribute to symptoms, like shin splints and sore joints, headaches and aching backs, even blurred vision. THIXSTIXTM with POWERBANDTM will show you how to use these shockwave effects to help yourself.

The easiest way to describe this is using seismic waves, the ones that scientists use to measure earthquakes.

In a similar way shockwaves or pressure waves move through your body jiggling your muscles and soft tissue back and forth along the same path as the pressure wave.

And just like seismic waves, these waves can travel through solids liquids and gases. Think of the power in a Tsunami or the thump of an explosion in your chest when big fireworks go off. THIXSTIXTM works like that.

So if you can create your own shock waves, can you find and treat injuries yourself? With THIXSTIXTM yes you can.

Using THIXSTIXTM with POWERBANDTM learn how to deliver tailored Thixotropic shockwaves. To help you to find, and then treat, your own injuries.

THIXOTROPY works on your Fascia. A tough internal body gel that’s implicated in 85% of all musculoskeletal pain visits to DOCTOR’s worldwide.

Your myofascia or fascia is a super tough gel. But it can be shaken and loosened. THIXSTIXTM with POWERBANDTM uses vibrations to loosen fascial bonds, reducing soft tissue tension and fascial pain.

Just like ships use sonar devices to send pulses of sound waves down through the water to find objects like fish, rocks or vegetation THIXSTIXTM with POWERBANDTM works in much the same way.

You may already know your body is mostly water, and that shockwaves travel through you all the time.

But did you know you also have a 'Matrix'.

It’s called The Connective Tissue Matrix and, it’s the largest single organ in the body.

Your fascial matrix surrounds every single muscle cell and by using THIXSTIXTM with our exclusive adjustable POWERBANDTM you can create your own personal sonar ‘shock waves’ then send them into your fascia to find out where you are sore.

Using THIXSTIXTM with POWERBANDTM you can instantly feel the difference, as tight muscles and fascial tissue bounces shock wave signals back to your hands and THIXSTIXTM shows you exactly where those ‘submarine’ areas of tension and pain are hiding.

So you, can loosen them off and get back on with living your life because, THIXSTIXTM can fix it!

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