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About Azolla Health

Azolla Health came about simply because of frustration. The lessons learned from nearly two decades of successfully treating, conventionally unresponsive conditions in thousands of cases, and performing tens of thousands of treatments, showed us that most of these conditions were not only treatable, they were avoidable if you knew how.

The knowledge we gained demonstrated that Musculoskeletal imbalances contribute to the majority of diseases. Many conditions such as Hormonal imbalances, Uterine conditions, Reflux, Tinnitus Migraines, Chronic pain, even Weight Gain almost always have a physical component, and often this is due to some simple errors in self care.

We want to help you to avoid those errors, and, if you are already stuck with chronic health conditions. We want to help you out of there as fast, and as cheaply, as possible with Azolla Health’s “Simple Selfcare”.

Because our clinical work has always been “No change No charge” our treatment plans, methods and products, have needed to work, because if they didn’t we would need to refund our fees to our patients in full and of course most people in pain want it fixed now! This led us to develop a range of products, and methods, that are fast acting, effective, safe, and deliver outcomes as promised, for a wide range of health conditions. This is because problems that can seem un-related, are often linked in ways that at first, can seem hard to understand and later, just makes plain logical “doh” sense.

So our next step is to have you the consumer not need our clinical services, to do that we recognised that Simple Selfcare had to be available to as many people as possible, in ways and mediums that make it readily accessible. We see our job is to educate, and deliver solutions, on a wide range of dis- ease symptoms by using simple, rapid, safe and effective information and products.

We believe if you know the reasons why you have a sore right hip, knee or jaw, and you know how to fix them yourself then you won’t need expensive clinical services, plus time off work to get things sorted. It’s better for all of us if we don’t have to choke up the already overcrowded health system. Oh and it’s also way better for your pocket. So in short our goal is to help you stay well.

For the past 17 years we have worked hard to deliver affordable health care for as many people as possible, in particular we’ve focussed on dealing with injuries and the postural imbalances they can cause, to reduce the side effects these can have on all the body’s systems. That whole time we’ve tested and developed many techniques devices and therapies, published lots of articles, and read lots of science on health solutions from many brilliant health professionals. Always, with the same goal. To someday be able to deliver effective, cheaper healthcare, to keep our clients out of hospitals and clinics, and to eventually get as many people as possible to be pain and dis-ease free.

A few months ago while searching for my “better mousetrap” I found it! Now after months of very long days and late nights, with the help of some pretty exceptional people, plus lots of testing writing and development, we finally have something to show you. is the digital face of our work. The goal for Azolla is to deliver "Simple Selfcare" to as many people as we can, keeping it as low cost as we can. Lots of simple fast and effective solutions to many day to day problems all in the one place and for a very low cost.

Enjoy, stay well.

Chris Toal

Chris Toal
Managing Director Azolla Ltd.

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