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Welcome to Azolla Health! Below is a brief overview of our product range...

  • Bodytool® is a simple to use and remarkably effective, therapy tool. Originally designed for therapeutic use and developed for performing deep tissue therapy on muscles and Myofascia which is the glue that binds them together.
  • ScarsAway® is a specialist dermal scar remediation tool for treating damaged skin.
  • Mustang Magnetic Massager® and the CHILLAX are a powerful and easy way, to rub away annoying pain from all over the body.
  • Tennis Ball Technique is a simple way to get, or keep, your body On the Ball.
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TBT for Big Toe Flexor
Pedal to the Metal with TBT for the Big Toe Flexor. When you walk Flexor Hallucis Longus is t..
TBT for Biting Pain
TBT for Biting Pain! Under the surface of the cheek lie the Masseter (chewing) and Temporalis..
TBT for Deltoid Shoulder
Going Shoulder to Shoulder with TBT for Deltoids. You often see people rubbing the outside of..
TBT for Gluts
TBT for that pain in the butt! Why do we say things like someone is a pain in the neck or a p..
TBT for IT Band
Latae anyone? Tensor Fascia Latae is not a type of coffee but a wide band of muscle that work..
TBT for Obliques
Getting onside with your Obliques. If you look at a skeleton side on, it’s easy to see that t..
TBT for Period Pain
This TBT provides some TLC for one of the most important muscles on a woman's body, the Uterus. ..
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