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THIXSTIXTM PRO, saves you, helps them! As a bodyworker, athlete, or physical therapist, you need to know a lot about the human body and how it works. In part that's because it's not e ... [more below]
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THIXSTIXTM PRO, saves you, helps them!

As a bodyworker, athlete, or physical therapist, you need to know a lot about the human body and how it works. In part that's because it's not easy to find the deep problems that could be inhibiting athletic performance and then therapeutically release the tension or pain that comes with it.

For athletes most solutions involve waiting for an appointment, travel, then hours, sometimes even months of treatment. For bodyworkers wanting to deliver the best possible outcomes for clients, many of the methods that are fast and safe for clients, are also hard on your own body.

Now all of you, have a new tool. The amazing THIXSTIXTM PRO with POWERBANDTM

If you're looking for a rapid effective therapy, then you really should try THIXSTIXTM PRO with POWERBANDTM because used correctly, THIXSTIXTM PRO delivers.

We know from our own clinical work that therapists using a THIXSTIXTM PRO can save themselves literally hours each week when performing soft tissue warming work. You also can significantly reduce the stress loads on your fingers hands and arms, while at the same time delivering fabulous and fast results for clients and patients. We know this because, our therapists and patients have trusted them for over a decade.

THIXSTIXTM and THIXSTIXTM PRO have been incorporated in our treatment plans because they are rapidly effective for a wide variety of tension and overuse problems. When used correctly they save you so much time. Even a few minutes with THIXSTIXTM PRO can help you to quickly release and help resolve a wide range of tension-based pain problems for your patients. Allowing you to get on to the tough stuff faster, with less trauma to the clients tissues. Sound too good to be true right. Wrong!

There's solid science behind why THIXSTIXTM PRO with POWERBANDTM can help you to sort out stubborn injuries. Let's start with what should be a familiar word, Tapotement. Professional bodyworkers use Tapotement often, mainly because its wonderfully effective at loosening things up and when used correctly, it can point the way to where deep problems are hiding.

Tapotement literally means 'to tap or to drum' and it takes advantage of the myofascial tissue property called Thixotropy which comes into play when you shake body tissues. What occurs is that the fascial gel's that surround them become more fluid and you gain in flexibility. Using tapotement to shake or loosen fascia up, is a clinical practice used all over the globe in Physiotherapy, Massage, Osteopathy, plus Asian and Natural therapy clinics. Therapists pull slap bang or tap on parts of the body to loosen up the Myofascia and athletes like The All Blacks, get the similar results using a Haka.

Now therapists know Fascia is important stuff but not all athletes. So, here's some more science.

Fascia is the tough web like gel that gives your muscles their shape. It also glues tendons ligaments and muscles to bone and acts as a shock absorber in heavy impacts. The biggest problem here is that fascia is jam packed filled with nerve fibres. So many nerves in fact that fascia is implicated in 85% of all musculoskeletal pain visits to doctors, right around the globe.

For a body therapist manual vibration for shaking up fascia is a physically demanding technique. It must be done correctly to reduce practitioner fatigue and to avoid hand and finger trauma. Primarily Tapotement is used when there is a need to reduce tension, wake up a tired nervous system or stimulate blood and lymphatic flow. THIXSTIXTM PRO with POWERBANDTM does this very efficiently.

The basic method has been used therapeutically for at least 1500 years. Although, it probably has been used for much longer. It's also known that martial artists have used and trained in ballistic shaking jumping and striking methods for centuries, to increase mobility for fighting, and speed recovery from injury.

Warrior tribes like the Zulu of Africa, the ancient Polynesian Saka, or the modern Māori Haka, use especially strong percussive rhythms to shake up the bodies fascial tissues, to improve athletic performance in battle, and competition.

Today throughout Asia and Eastern Europe techniques like, Pai Sha, Qi Gong, Tui Na, and Ukrainian Banya sticks all use rhythmic / systematic striking of the entire body, to generate what modern medicine calls Extracorporeal shock waves, to improve health, release tension, promote healing, and reduce painful tension held in the tough fibrous fabric of your Fascia. Modern medical practitioners often use expensive electric massage guns vibrating plates and beds costing tens of thousands of dollars, to do a similar job.

Because fascia is implicated in so many musculoskeletal problems, if you work in body therapies, it's a subject that's always at the front of your mind. You really can't treat any injury without looking at the fascia around, and inside the injured region.

Understanding this, early in 2010 we began incorporating Asian Pai Sha sticks in our Wellness at Work clinical treatments to see how they could be used for fascial release in therapy. We spent quite a bit of time experimenting (several years in fact) learning what could, and could not be achieved therapeutically, gaining many understandings of the neurology, physics and biomechanics involved.

What we found was that with some modifications to conventional Pai Sha sticks, and with very little practice, our clinicians were able to achieve truly exceptional results for their patients. We found we were able to reduce the time required for therapy, obtain faster releases of muscle and fascial tension and improve our therapists injury assessment skills. This enabled us to deliver faster and more accurate injury assessments, no matter how deep the injury.

After performing many thousands of treatments for thousands of happy customers, we are ready to share this therapy breakthrough! Meet THIXSTIXTM PRO with POWERBANDTM .

THIXSTIXTM PRO might look simple but how and why they work is a seamless blend of centuries of healing knowledge, with the latest understandings from modern medicine, biomechanics, physics and our own clinical learnings and developments.

Our exclusive THIXSTIXTM PRO POWERBAND allows you to fine tune how THIXSTIXTM PRO fibres vibrate, meaning you can find the correct resonance to suit any part of the body.

THIXSTIXTM PRO with POWERBANDTM uses our exclusive registered design anti-slip silicone bands. They stay in place and have exceptionally high levels of grip.

This simple yet effective design change significantly alters the behaviour of a conventional Pai Sha therapy tool by dramatically reducing the movement of the bristles to stop them bouncing around and ineffectively wasting energy.

This means the energy used in each strike. Is directed by you. To exactly where it's needed. Allowing you to find where you or your patient is sore, then to treat it at the same time! This way you get the fastest most effective result we can deliver. And as we said delivering a result that comes from centuries of historical use, and over a decade of our own clinical practice.  

Here's the science of why they work.

Shock waves travel through your body all the time. Even while you sleep, your heart is beating out a rhythm, sending small tremors throughout your chest. Now many of the rhythms and vibrations that we encounter are really good for you, like dancing around to great music. But some aren't good for you. Like running on hard pavement!

This type of impact can send quite nasty compressive shockwaves from the soles of your feet, all the way up to your skull. These shockwaves can contribute to lots of weird side effects and symptoms, as varied as, shin splints, and sore joints, to headaches, aching backs, and blurred vision.

Probably the easiest way to describe it is by using seismic waves, the shock waves scientists talk about when they measure earthquakes.These shock waves or pressure waves move through your body and jiggle your tissues back and forth along the same line as the path of the wave.

And just  just like seismic waves, they can travel through solids liquids and gases. Think of the power in a Tsunami or the thump of an explosion in your chest when big fireworks go off.

If you know what to do, and how to do it, shock waves can provide loads of information about what's sore and where. They can also help to 'fix' things by shaking loose tension points to release painful / sore adhesions throughout the body.

Shock wave therapies have enjoyed a long and successful history in modern medicine.

Since the 1980's shockwave therapies have been the 'first choice' to treat things like kidney stones. Extracorporeal shock wave therapies similar to those generated by THIXSTIXTM PRO  are used on elite athletes to treat tendinitis and bone conditions.

In Veterinary medicine, shock wave therapies are used on horses for the treatment of injuries to tendons, ligaments and bones, and for their effectiveness in stimulating healing.

THIXSTIXTM PRO with POWERBANDTM uses vibrations in many ways. Finding injuries is one of them.

Ships use sonar devices to send pulses of sound waves down through the water. When these pulses hit objects like fish, rocks or vegetation, they reflect back to the surface.

The sonar on the ship measures how long it takes for the sound wave to travel down, hit something and bounce back up, and bingo you found your dinner, avoided a reef, or even found a submarine.

THIXSTIXTM PRO with POWERBANDTM works in much the same way the shockwaves bounce back to tell you where there is an injury.

You probably know that your body is mostly water, and you now know that inside you 'shockwaves' are traveling back and forth all the time. But did you know you also have a 'Matrix'.

It's called The Connective Tissue Matrix, and it's the largest organ in the body and it surrounds every single cell.

By using THIXSTIXTM PRO with our exclusive POWERBANDTM with just a few minutes practice, you can create your own sonar 'shock waves' and send them into this matrix. You can quickly feel the difference as tight muscles and fascial tissues, bounce signals back to the tools in your hands as  THIXSTIXTM PRO shows you exactly where those 'submarine' areas of tension are hiding in your tired sore myofascial matrix.

Science shows us that vibration of and affected area can have potent analgesic effects and 'interruptive vibration' is beneficial in muscle atrophy. With just a few minutes of use THIXSTIXTM PRO will show you where to focus your strikes and where your 'good vibrations' can help you to loosen up those painful fascial tension sites. Rapidly reducing pain & restoring blood and lymphatic flows to the area, so your body can 'fix' them for you.

Our clinical work has shown time and time again. THIXSTIXTM PRO is a significantly more powerful tool than the conventional Pai Sha bamboo stick, and of course you can still use them as Pai Sha sticks by adjusting or removing the powerbands.

Using THIXSTIXTM PRO is a bit like playing an instrument, just not as hard to learn. With a small amount of practice, you can tune the shock waves coming from your THIXSTIXTM PRO to find the methods and rhythms that work best.  

In the same way that a musician adjusts the sound of a guitar by moving their finger along the strings. By adjusting the placement of the POWERBANDTM You can change the vibrational resonance of the THIXSTIXTM PRO fibres to let you work deep into sore shoulders or hips. Then adjust them back to be gentle enough to treat a rolled ankle, a concussion, or a recent injury.

Need a quick fix? Try THIXSTIXTM PRO

Research has shown that many vibration devices improve blood circulation and, vibrating tight muscles also promotes lymphatic flow.

In clinical trials vibration training has also been shown to significantly increase muscle strength and improved dynamic stability control.

Traditional body therapists will find our THIXSTIXTM PRO with our exclusive POWERBANDTM are a remarkable tool for performing a new range of striking / vibrational therapies, in much more effective ways.

Shockwave Therapy was introduced into modern clinical practice in 1982 for the management of conditions like kidney stones it quickly became a highly used and respected choice as a non-invasive effective treatment method. From there Shockwave Therapy moved into Orthopaedics where it has been used to improve fracture healing researched for use on tendinopathies, fasciopathies, and other soft tissue conditions.

Sports research shows that slapping or shaking of the body stimulates both body and mind into a full alert challenged state. See Haka for health and unlike stretching this wakes up the muscles and connects the skins  proprioceptors to the deeper tissue.

In healthy tissue the contribution of thixotropy to muscle tone is negligible. However, when muscles are held in spastic states for prolonged periods, secondary biochemical changes occur causing an increase in the thixotropic component of muscle stiffness, eventually leading to contractures.

Fixed contractures develop when the muscle fibre is maintained in a shortened state by immobilization or sustained muscle activity. THIXSTIXTM PRO with POWERBANDTM can help you shake them back to normal and as you shake up your fascia, you will find it easier and easier to move around as the fascial gels your muscles sit in allow the muscles slide smoothly past each other.

It's why teams like the All Blacks do a Haka before a game. It gives them an edge on their competition, additionally vibration therapy has been shown to help rebuild healthy and strong muscle tissue without the need for strenuous or painful exercise and, endorphins are released into the blood stream promoting a sense of well-being.

Vibration therapy takes less time, than conventional methods, it does not overtax the muscles, and is also a great alternative warm up and warm down to help flush lactic acid.

If you're a Runner, or play sports like Hockey, Lacrosse or Netball and Basketball, you can use THIXSTIXTM PRO with POWERBANDTM to loosen up by working them up and down both of your legs, starting down on the outside of the shins at about 90-degree angle, then working front to back and all the way up onto the torso. Post-competition, use THIXSTIXTM PRO to warm down, relax and flush muscle tissues.

Squash and Tennis players can try doing the same, just with a bit more focus on your arms as well.

Golfers, focus on all of those places, but even more on the outsides of your hips plus the front and back of your core.

By now you probably get the idea, fire up the muscles you intend to use, combine this with some warm-up exercises that mimic the activity or sport you are about to do, and you will be moving faster safer and better than you ever have, and then loosen them off at the end of the workout.

Do your own Haka for health using THIXSTIXTM PRO with POWERBANDTM

Many of the 'shockwave' or vibration devices used to deliver multidirectional waveforms, cost tens of thousands of dollars. THIXSTIXTM PRO with POWERBANDTMeven with a small amount of practice will allow you to create and use multidirectional waveforms for pain treatment and tissue health.

THIXSTIXTM PRO methods are a powerful variation to an ancient Asian practice, rather than a formal medical practice. In its basic form, this method is a very common and effective method of self-care throughout Asia, but THIXSTIXTM PRO is powerful so it does come with some logical precautions:

1. THIXSTIXTM PRO with POWERBANDTM should not be used on pregnant women or those with internal bleeding, bone fractures, unhealed surgical incisions, or wounds.

2. THIXSTIXTM PRO strikes should be performed in a direction that is parallel or diagonal to the bone.

3. If bruising is in found during treatment, therapy should not resume until the bruising fades.

4. After THIXSTIXTM PRO therapy, drink a minimum of 500ml of water to assist in facilitating lymphatic and blood flow through the treatment sites.



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