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TBT for Six Pack & Lower Back

Resolving Six Pack & Lower Back Pain. Tennis ball therapy can help release the abdominal muscles where negative emotions are stored. The abdominal muscle group bear the brunt o ... [more below]
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Tennis Ball Technique

Resolving Six Pack & Lower Back Pain.

Tennis ball therapy can help release the abdominal muscles where negative emotions are stored.

The abdominal muscle group bear the brunt of a heavy lift, hold you upright, twist you, turn you, stabilise your hips as you walk or run and absorb many of the physical manifestations of negative emotional states. In the same way as muscles re- spond when you smile when you get upset so do your Abs. If you’ve ever had really bad news and felt like you’ve been kicked in the stomach then you know what this is about.

We respond physically to all types of emotional pain and psychological pain, all the time developing patterns of physical movement called ‘engrams’ to manage these responses. These patterns manage how we stand when we like (or dis- like) someone, or how we sit, run and walk to avoid disturbing pain. Many of these patterns those relating to fear guilt and anxiety exist within the abdomi- nal muscles so getting them undone can be extremely helpful.

If you've ever had that sinking feeling in your tummy when you knew something bad was going to happen it’s because the abs go into tension in response to these emotions.

By loosening the lower abs with TBT we can reduce this built-up tension that can cause you top over react to stress situations. This TBT also helps reduce lower back pain, the effects and visibility of stretch marks and even assists in breaking up cellulite deposits!

Releasing the lower abs will allow nutrients to be absorbed into the abs better, which is a step towards building that six pack or at least a nice, flat tummy. Again, if you’ve simply over-trained or overstrained your abs and want to get back into building them up, this exercise is for you. After all flexible, healthy muscles, grow faster, have lower toxicity, reduce joint loadings are way stronger and far more efficient.

Tennis Ball Technique

A simple way to get, or keep, your body On the Ball.

You may have heard an old quote "when you need a cop they are never around!" ... well we found the same thing applied to getting good remedial therapy for sore muscles "when you need a massage therapist, they are always all booked up!"

So we developed TBT for me, and now for you too!

We tried lots of other options, looking for the ‘Goldilocks’ answer. We wanted them to be soft enough to not do damage, and hard enough to get into those hard to release old injuries. After months of trying things like those big expensive rollers you see in gyms, golf balls, even cricket balls, and eventually found that High Pressure Competition Grade tennis balls when used the right way are 'just right' to get in and loosen up those tight muscles, without doing damage to the surrounding tissue and nerves.

Tennis Ball Technique - group therapy

Next time you find you need a hand getting those sore shoulders undone you can try TBT© (Tennis Ball Technique) - it's a simple and effective way to self-massage the whole body, and undo all that day to day build up of muscle tension.

TBT© has been published internationally for many years, taught to therapists, athletes and people recovering from serious injury. Today it’s used in flight by airline cabin and flight crew and busy executives wishing to download some stress, mums with sore shoulders from carrying young ones, builders with frozen shoulder, office workers athletes, a wide range of people with muscle tension.

As with most things some explanation and guidance really helps. These simple to perform exercises will let you access all those hard-to-reach muscles almost all over the body. All you need is somewhere where there is some quiet floor space. And with these clear and easy to follow exercises you can get some immediate and truly helpful muscles releases.

If you want to do your whole body, with a small amount of practice, you can get all these exercises down to a simple 20-minute self-help routine, a routine that will leave you relaxed, smiling, and ready for action, no matter how hard you have been pushing your body.

Because we've taught this for so long now each technique comes with easy to follow pictures, and clear instructions, to make it easy for you to get back in control of your body’s aches and pains.

Download this one for free right now TBT Rhomboids and see for yourself. In no time at all you really will be rolling around the floor laughing as your pain gets rapidly rubbed out!

Tennis Ball Technique - pain in the butt

You can even use TBT© for that pain in the butt.

Tennis Ball Technique - pain in the neck

Or TBT© for that pain in the neck well.

Tennis Ball Technique - period pain

There's TBT© for period pain.

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