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About Chris Toal

Chris Toal // Managing Director, Azolla Health Ltd.

Chris is 60 years old and has formerly enjoyed a successful career in the motor and oil industry before his life turned around.

Crewing on "White Cloud" in the 97 Trans Tasman yacht race and on their way to a 2nd place finish they were battered by five days of severe storms. This left Chris literally "bruised all over" with considerable loss of function and in need of some damage repair. Deep tissue massage solved the problem, became an interest, and bodywork turned into his life's passion.

Chris Toal
Chris' speed boat racing days
Chris crewing on White Cloud
Massage Crew
Chris's motorbike racing days
Chris mountaineering
Chris' artwork creations
Photo Preview
Photo Preview
Chris Toal Chris' speed boat racing days Chris crewing on White Cloud Massage Crew Chris's motorbike racing days Chris mountaineering Chris' artwork creations

While completing his therapeutic massage qualifications Chris found he needed to spend considerable time addressing injuries from his previously ignored early childhood abuse. He found that a number of these injuries were impacting his behaviors and ability to sustain relationships. The path to resolving these issues led to many discoveries and the development a unique range of treatment options for pain trapped in the body.

Chris then accepted a tutoring position at Wellpark College of Natural therapies before focusing on his clinical work and the development of the Bodytool® and Scarsaway®, the now patented Bodywall® rehab / high performance training system, and TBT© Tennis Ball Technique for deep tissue self care in the home.

For nearly two decades his company Wellness at Work Ltd, has been therapy providers to major corporations. These have included Microsoft, IBM, TVNZ, TV3, Villa Maria Wines, Delloittes, Morgan & Banks, plus many elite athletes at National, World and Olympic levels.

Chris and his therapy team worked on two America's Cup defenses for Team New Zealand. Wellness at Work is currently a rehab provider for Ports of Auckland, Air New Zealand an ACC vendor provider.

Bodytool® and Scarsaway® myofascial release tools have been sold in 50 countries plus the Bodywall® system he designed is patented internationally. There are now Bodywall sites in three NZ cities and one in Sydney Australia. TBT© (Tennis Ball Technique) muscle release techniques are published and in use in NZ and overseas. Chris is also a certified Trauma Release Exercise TRE® therapist, treating Post Traumatic Stress disorder.

Chris has collected a few other injuries and broken bones along the way having successfully competed in Offshore Power boating, Superbike motorcycle racing and Offshore Yacht racing. He loves to sail and has one Pacific crossing under his belt.

He does have a soft side too and is an exhibiting artist, with his last major exhibition at the National Maritime Museum in 2005. Chris is also a feature writer with articles appearing in Fitness Life Magazine and trade journals and is a regular columnist for Grownups New Zealand.

Chris holds a number of directorships in companies in the health sector. He is currently:-

  • Director R&D for Wellness at Work Ltd
  • Managing Director Bodytool Ltd
  • Director R&D for Scarsaway (Aust) Pty Ltd
  • Director R&D for Bodywall Ltd
  • Holds a directorship in Bodywall Physiotherapy Ltd
  • Holds a directorship in Cranklock Ltd.


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