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Understanding Your Intuition
Chris Toal 13-Jun-2016 0 comments 9307 viewed
Understanding our Treatment Methods
Chris Toal 26-May-2016 0 comments 10159 viewed
Engrams the Power of Patterns "Repetitive stress on the body whether through emotional and physiological insults or physical ..
Stop Cooking Yourself!
Chris Toal 15-Oct-2015 1 comments 16993 viewed
I know it feels sooooo good to have a HOT shower when you're sore, but to get well you really have to stop cooking yourself and ..
Bacteria Whispering
Chris Toal 24-Jan-2015 0 comments 17720 viewed
You may be surprised that talking to yourself is actually a good thing. Working with your bacteria can be a lifesaver, and st..
The bells are ringing!
Chris Toal 24-Nov-2014 0 comments 20554 viewed
Tinnitus is coming for you, here’s a way to repair some hearing damage from a misspent youth. If you’re Gen X and Y generatio..

Chris Toal

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OOS! You won’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone!
18-Oct-2014 Chris Toal 0 comments 10198 viewed
The real cost of OOS in the workplace. Most companies recognise RSI/OOS as something that needs to be dealt with, and they us.. Details
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