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OOS! You won’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone!

The real cost of OOS in the workplace.

Most companies recognise RSI/OOS as something that needs to be dealt with, and they use a variety of methods to manage it, such as buying expensive adjustable desks and ergonomic equipment and employing expensive OSH contractors and techniques.

OOS is an annoying condition often believed to affect staff members who are a bit unhappy in their role. Unfortunately that is often far from the truth, it’s very often the other way around. They were happy staff, the job itself made them sore and unhappy. OOS can reduce their performance without you being aware of it, and until you address it “You won’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” OOS can destroy morale and turn a good company into a bad workplace, but just a few simple understandings and preventative steps can make a big difference.

We have successfully treated patients in this field for nearly two decades and the best thing you can do is prevent OOS at the outset. The most common cause of OOS in the neck and shoulders is sore fingers and hands.

RSI & OOSTo explain, tension and pain in the hands can’t magically flow down to the fingertips and drift off in the universe. It is passed up the arms as pain, all the way to the shoulders and neck, where it causes headaches, loss of focus, and a less than ideal attitude. Sore staff, are grumpy staff, staff that can’t think straight and cost you money all day with doh! simple errors, and long delays in coming up with what should be simple answers.

If you have an OOS problem in your business or want to avoid having one, here are the two best and least expensive ways we have to help get and keep OOS out of your workplace.

Number one! Get your staff to supplement with Magnesium. Low Magnesium levels result in a build up of lactic acid, causing pain and tightness, and Magnesium is depleted by drinking alcohol, coffee, black tea, plus eating grains, soy, and taking many pharmaceutical drugs, so a normal modern life uses it up. This depletion unbalances the sleep and relaxation hormones Melatonin and Serotonin, which normally relax the nervous system and elevate mood. Given that stress and tension are often reasons why people suffer from insomnia in the first place, this is a great idea. You also use Magnesium to produce ATP or muscle energy so they will have more energy.

Number two! Tension. Treating tension can be expensive, hiring therapists to come in regularly can help immensely, however the fastest, cheapest and best way we have found to deal with the tension in muscles and joints is the Mustang Magnetic Massager® from Azolla Health; it’s a one-time expense and it’s really inexpensive.

Designed for Equine use the Mustang Magnetic Massager® is effective on muscles that operate at more than twice the muscle loads of humans. You use low level electricity to guide your muscles and this causes low level magnetic fields to form. The magnetic balls readjust these magnetic fields in the muscles to release tension rapidly so they work fast, really, really fast. Without doubt after clinically using the Mustang Magnetic Massager® it is by far the best tool we have ever used for RSI / OOS in muscles, anywhere on the body, and all you have to do is simply follow the short instructional videos on the Azolla Health website.

Simply put if you can rub somewhere that’s sore you can treat it. It’s that simple to get rid of OOS causing muscle tension using the Mustang Magnetic Massager® just take a 90 second look at the hand video plus there are videos for the arms, neck, achilles, knees, elbows shoulders even headaches there’s a long list. Prove it to yourself try one then get your staff a Mustang Magnetic Massager® and start turning your OOS problem into a memory.

Enjoy, stay well.

Chris Toal

Chris Toal
Managing Director Azolla Ltd.

Added 18-Oct-2014 Author: Chris Toal
OOS! You won’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone!

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