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With correct use, ScarsAway® is capable of rejuvenating profound scar damage to the skin and the underlying Myofascia, regardless of the age of the scar, or the depth of the damage. And ... [more below]
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With correct use, ScarsAway® is capable of rejuvenating profound scar damage to the skin and the underlying Myofascia, regardless of the age of the scar, or the depth of the damage. And, ScarsAway® is gentle enough to treat minor lines and creases on the skins delicate surface layers, such as smile, and age lines.

We have provided a "NO CHANGE, NO CHARGE" guarantee on our clinical work for this treatment since 1998. We now extend that guarantee to ScarsAway® for the home.

"No change to your condition" Return ScarsAway® for a 100% Refund.

ScarsAway® Supportive Theories...

Most of us are aware that throughout history, mankind has maintained an intimate relationship with stone.

Historically we lived in caves for many thousands of years, even today we still make homes out of it, and over millennia we've slept on it, sat on it, used it as tools for hunting and cooking, and used stones for physical therapy.

Stone inspired our prehistoric artists to paint on it, to carve out some of the worlds grandest places of worship, lovingly sculpt from within the stone enduring, and stunningly beautiful artworks.

We wear stones on our bodies as jewels, and we highly admire the qualities of a flawless diamond, a gemstone that brilliantly and delicately reflects the whole spectrum of light, yet is strong enough to cut hardened steel or granite.

We know stone and we love it...

However, most people do not know about the numerous smooth stones gathered from archaeological sites around the globe, stones that have been found to contain fine particles of human skin, advancing the theory that these smooth stones were used by our prehistoric ancestors, for treating muscle soreness and injuries.

These theories are supported by actual tools that still exist in museums in China today. Alongside these tools are supporting treatment guidelines and records. Records dating back to the Shang Dynasty some 3500 years ago, documenting the use of Jade and stone for remedial medical treatments.


About Milton Toal and ScarsAway®

Milton Toal

Milton originally trained as Industrial Engineer and Methods specialist. His early career was spent working in the private sector, where his capacities for research, analysis and development of ideas were well recognised, leading to him working for the Australian government on military research projects. Throughout his career Milton has developed many new ideas that have been implemented as benchmarks throughout Australian industry. He is also an international author of a best-selling text on project and critical path management methodology working in conjunction with Tom Sobzak of New York.

For many years Milton had struggled with a painful and easily aggravated scar in his hand that affected his ability to grasp, during a visit to the Wellness at Work clinic in New Zealand, Milton was offered treatment for this scar using one of the original ScarsAway® prototypes. With his Industrial Engineering background Milton's view was - if you can't measure it, it does not exist, so he was 'quite sceptical' about undergoing treatment. Six weeks later, when the painful scar on his hand had totally reverted back to soft skin and no longer hurt, he was convinced.

On his return to Australia he undertook experimentation and then further developed, the ScarsAway® concept. His research and experimentation led to a source of the best raw materials being located, and the development of the size, and the very specific shape of the tool. All of this leading to the current product standards of which he believes are crucial to the efficiency of scar revision that ScarsAway® provides.

Milton is a qualified financial advisor and is a 'Fellow' of the Australian Financial Advisors Association, however he recently sold his financial advising business to focus full time’ on his new found passions ScarsAway® and natural health.

About Chris Toal and ScarsAway®

Chris Toal

Chris enjoyed a long and successful career in the motor and oil sectors in a variety of roles from sales and sales management through to dealer principal and directors roles within the oil industry. However in 1997 his life was completely turned around when he crewed on "White Cloud" in the Trans Tasman yacht race. Five days of severe storms left him battered, bruised, and in need of some serious damage repair. Massage and deep tissue therapy solved the problem, became an interest, and assisting others to wellness states became a passion which he maintains to this day.

On completing his diploma and Myofascial studies at Wellpark College in 1998 he accepted a tutoring position, then focused on the development of the patented Bodywall® the Bodytool® and ScarsAway® plus several other health modalities and injury prevention devices. He is qualified in Fascial Kinetics and is a Certified TRE Trauma Release Exercise therapist.

His company Wellness at Work Ltd has been a treatment provider to many major corporations including Microsoft, IBM, TVNZ, TV3, Villa Maria Wines, Deloittes, Morgan & Banks plus a long list of elite athletes including current and past World and Olympic champions. Wellness at Work was also contracted to Team New Zealand for two America's Cup defenses in 2000 and 2003. The self care TBT© Tennis Ball Technique Chris developed is published throughout Australasia in leading Fitness, healthcare magazines, and trade journals.


About the skin and ScarsAway®

The Integumentary system (the skin) is created from complex layers of tissue that perform a very wide variety of tasks. Containing blood vessels, nerves, hair follicles, oil cells, fat cells and pain sensors, the skin is a living breathing feeling heating cooling bodysuit. A bodysuit that protects and supports us, telling us how hot or cold we are, what chemicals and plants are dangerous, and things that are good for us as well.

Skin Layers

Without all these layers working happily together we simply cannot survive.

The skin is 'the' largest organ of the body. It's composed of two layers, the epidermis and the dermis. The outer layer the epidermis is the quite thin and made of cells called keratinocytes. It has no blood vessels and is totally reliant on the dermis underneath for nourishment.

The underlying dermis consists of two layers, containing blood vessels, elastic fibres, collagen, and fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are the major cell type that produces the elastin and collagen which helps to keep your skin elastic. The dermis also contains a fluid called a ground substance, a very important liquid (also called the Intracellular matrix) ground substance also contains hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate and glycoproteins.

Read more on:-


Sitting on stones

For a simple explanation of how ScarsAway® works it's helpful to understand a little bit about how the body develops the patterns we use every day for general movement and for pain recognition and avoidance called 'Engrams'.

'Engrams' make it easy to stand up or sit down, they are how you form a smile (17 muscles do it automatically) they are also why you might be holding one shoulder higher than the other (to avoid pain) and why you can sit comfortably on a pebble beach for hours, yet if it were knobs of wood or metal balls, your body's response would be, quite different.

This different reaction happens because the neural response patterns you have to stone have been developed literally over millennia, and they were passed on to you along with your genetic information when you were born. Also you literally have stone (calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate) inside you, forming your bones. While performing thousands of clinical treatments, we have noted that nerves and soft tissue do not go into the same ‘threat, pain, spasm response' when you treat them using a number of particularly hard stones, these are the ones we now use in Bodytool® and ScarsAway®, so, soft tissues simply change state, relax and release. We also found the same thing happens with scars.

Extensive scarring

Scars form when the body is cut, suffers impact, or is placed under repeated, and stressful loads, one of the responses it has is to glue itself into a fixed position and form scar tissue. It does this by forming a tough hydrogen collagen helix, bound together in a glue like substance formed of fascia made of proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans.

Forming scars delivers the benefit of releasing the surrounding tissue of the need to ‘stay in a state of tension' or ‘hold' the area away from disturbing the pain at the injury site. If you've had a bad injury you know this can literally be exhausting!

Muscles are then ‘free' to get on with the job of moving you into the many shapes you use every day, to function in a normal world. Even if you have never been involved in an accident you have little scars all over your body, you just call them by other names, names like ‘age lines'. Or smile lines. Yes that's right age lines and smiles lines are little scars! Scars formed by you repeatedly crunching your tissue into compressed folds that eventually form wrinkles all over your face, the insides of your elbows and knees, your neck, anywhere that you fold the skin hard onto itself in a repetitive way.

Since first using stone back in 1998 for scar remediation we have found that ‘Red Japser' (the type of stone used in ScarsAway®) has a remarkable effect on dermal scars.


PG's and GAG's


Science tells us that the critical binding distance between PG's proteoglycans and GAG's glycosaminoglycans can be manipulated, and our outcomes from our clinical work with thousands of patients tells us that that this change releases the collagen held within scars.

We now believe that when using a ScarsAway® correctly, you can obtain change in this binding distance even at home. Leaving you with scars that fade, become flatter, and far more flexible in minutes, and change is notable and measurable from the very first treatment.

Also according to Milton's research all stones and crystals vibrate at very high and very stable frequencies. That's the reason we use quartz crystals to time our watches. Those vibrations are so fast, that it's possible to get accuracy to within a fraction of a second per year. And, just as very low frequency vibrations can make us physically ill, other higher frequencies affect us positively.

According to Milton's research the particular mix of Silica and Iron Oxide which forms in Red Jasper, vibrates at a frequency that also starts breaking down the mat of hard inflexible collagen fibres, which the body weaves through injury sites to strengthen them. This assists in breaking the bond between the collagen and body tissue, restoring blood flow to the scar tissue reducing discolouration and restarting the healing process.

Before & After ScarsAway




Alan Breslau
December 23rd 2010

Hi Chris,

I cannot tell you how many compliments I have received from friends who noticed the change in my facial scars after my using the stones for about 6-9 months. Many of my friends had no idea I was using the technique but they recognized the improvement.

I have almost completed my latest book, "The Beauty of Disfigurement: Hot To Cope With Looking Different".

I have a chapter on techniques to improve appearance and I am adding a section on your methods... [Read more]


Testimonial from Alan Breslau; Phoenix Society for Burns Survivors






Alan Breslau
12 June 2009

Dear Chris and Danny,

Delwyn and I want to thank you both so very much for taking us both on as subjects for your treatments and the great care we were given.

We think you have made a very exciting breakthrough in scar remediation!

We must admit to our initial skepticism but burn scars that I have had for over 56 years, have all but disappeared after only a few treatments

Delwyn's RSI pains were gone after a physical therapy session with Danny. He has hands of magic! [Read more]


Testimonial from Alan Breslau; Phoenix Society for Burns Survivors



"It's all in the name" 100% guaranteed.


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